Trading & Supplies

NECO IT provides solutions and original services to its clients in several areas, helping them to successfully achieve their projects

Main activities

NECO IT provides significant benefits to its customers by carrying out various activities that are necessary before components can be sent to the end-user warehouses.
We have established constant business relationships with many European and non-European suppliers, supplying all necessary logistic services, through our forwarders
Assistance and Training
Inspections and Supplies


NECO IT position, allows to diligently outsource engineering services (Feasibility study, FEED, Basic, Detail), both by Companies and by highly qualified European people, for different industrial sectors

Inspections & Supplies

NECO IT inspection team provides efficient inspection services to ensure the quality of supplies, in accordance with the needs both of the customer and of the Company.


The grouping of different spare parts in a single shipment, allows us to reduce shipping costs


Thanks to a network of qualified European specialists and executives NECO IT can provide technical assistance and training courses in order to help our clients on the following subjects:

Project Management
Managed by qualified tecnicians.
Inspections and expediting activities
Carried out at suppliers’ facilities everywhere in the world by qualified inspectors.
Assembly, start-up, performance tests.
Training of customer staff at European Companies.
Process Improvement
Creation and optimization of operating parameters, with the aim of an increase in quality, and / or reducing costs, through the application of appropriate working methods and / or improvement plans.
Energy recovery
Gas and waste materials, produced in the different sections of the production plants, such as, for example, power plants, furnaces, boilers, etc.
Management Consulting & Problem Solving
Based on clients specific requests.